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Sherco motorcycles is a multinational SMEs as it is geographically divided into two subsidiaries in Western Europe. This company operates in the secondary sector of the economy, specifically in the motorcycle industry. It is particularly oriented towards off-road (off-road) vehicles. This French company is headquartered in Nîmes France and was created in 1998. The strategic choice was to create two plants, each producing a range of products which are specific and diametrically opposed to each other. Thus, the Spanish factory in Barcelona which was founded in 1998 specializes in the trial category, while the French factory, which was established in 2003, specializes in the rest of the production. Indeed, the company designs and produces off-road motorcycles in a semi-industrial scale, the firm has evolved into a niche sector. However, its development has led the company to move away from the trial class, and move into the enduro market. The Sherco range currently consists of nearly twenty different vehicles. The range is divided into two main categories, enduro and trial. The trial category consists of five models with displacements from 80 to 305 cubic centimeters and are all equipped with 2-stroke motors. The enduro category, meanwhile, consists of eight 4-stroke models with displacement of 250 to 510 cubic centimeters, and the 2-stroke models with displacement of 50 to 300 cubic centimeters.


MARC TEISSIER FONDATORE - AMMINISTRATORE DELEGATO Fondatore ed ex pilota professionista di trial, “Volevo estendere la mia passione, andare oltre la guida, e iniziare a costruire motociclette in grado di competere con le migliori nello sport”.

THOMAS TEISSIER DIRETTORE GENERALE “Sherco è soprattutto un sogno diventato realtà grazie all’instancabile lavoro quotidiano di un team appassionato di uomini e donne. Il nostro futuro è senza limiti”.


UNA MARCIA IN PIÙ. Dal 2017, Sherco ha una marcia in più: uno stabilimento di produzione a oggi di oltre 12.000 m2 e un numero sempre crescente di dipendenti. La Sherco sta crescendo, ma è solo l’inizio.

“Realizzare fantastiche moto: il mio sogno d’infanzia diventato realtà. ”Didier Tirard - Direttore della fabbrica francese


15/02/1999: First 0001 SHERCO ST 2.5 motorcycle sold at Swiss Trial

Jarvis wins the SSDT with the first 250 Sherco Bultaco.


Sherco 2.9 - 2001


Sherco Logo

2001 Team Sherco Trial from left to right, legendary Graham Jarvis, Josep Manzano, Marc Freixa and Marcel Justribo


Sherco bought the HRD brand and entered the 50 cm³ / 125 cm³ enduro and supermotard market.

Sherco bought the HRD brand and entered the 50 cm³ / 125 cm³ enduro and supermotard market.


Team Sherco Supermot


Sherco is the first manufacturer to offer a range of 2-stroke and 4-stroke trial bikes and in the same year, Sherco produced the first electronically-controlled fuel injected enduro motorcycle with 450cc and 510cc 4T

and in the same year, Sherco produced the first electronically-controlled fuel injected enduro motorcycle with 450cc and 510cc 4T

5 years after his first win, Jarvis wins the SSDT with the 290 Sherco.


3rd victory for Jarvis on a Sherco at the SSDT and the 4th victory in a row for the brand after Joan Pons in 2003 and Sam Connor in 2005!


Cabestany special limited edition released


Sees the withdrawal of Andreu Codina.

In 2008 a 250 cm³ 4T, also with electronic injection, completes the enduro range.Jordan Curvalle races in the World Championship!

Jarvis wins the Romaniacs!


Acquisition of Scorpa

The 250cc 4T, released to complete the range.

The 2009 Dakar - for the first time a manufacturer enters a full range through the Croco Aventures team. The 250cc, 450cc and 510cc will be lined up at the start of this legendary event. All of them finish except for the SR5.1i because of a fall.


Racing a SR4.5 David Casteu will mark the 2010 Dakar by winning the first stage.

On the handlebars of his Sherco SR4.5i, David Casteu is world champion in the 450cc off-road rallies.


In 2011, Fabien Planet, wins the French Championship in E1 with the 250 Sherco.


The first bike with the name X-Ride is born.


Birth of the 250 cm³ 2T and the 300 cm³ 2T

The Cabestany Trial Replica Trial is released and provides us with one of the iconic models of the brand.


David Knight - Super Enduro


Sherco and TVS form the Sherco TVS Factory Rally Team!


First Sherco Enduro World Championship title for Sherco with Matthew Philipps on a 300 SEF Factory.


Replaced the Nîmes factory with a new building of 12,000 m2 (against 3500 in the old factory)

Jérémy Tarroux wins the Grand Slam of the Classics to which will be added the title of French Champion in E1 on the Sherco 250 SEF.


Mario Roman won the two premiere extreme races of the year by winning for the second time in a row the 24 MX Alestrem in France and the Hell's Gate in Italy.

Théo Espinasse, in his first year as a factory rider, is crowned Junior French Champion racing a Sherco 250 SEF.

Wade Young, at the age of 21, becomes the youngest winner in the history of the ROMANIACS

Wade Young achieves an outstanding hat-trick by winning RedBull Romaniacs, RedBull Megawatt, and Sea to Sky.

Sherco updates the Trial and offers a new way of riding with the release of the Sherco TY 125 Classic.


Sherco celebra il suo 20 ° anniversario portando in vita il modello di punta del marchio: il 20 ° anniversario di Sherco ST

Michael Metge vince la tappa 9 del Rally Dakar