Lorenzo Santolino and Rui Goncalves ride wheel to wheel

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Published the 6 January 2022

Lorenzo Santolino and Rui Goncalves ride wheel to wheel


One day ahead, one day behind, it’s the law of the Dakar. In this stage our 2 riders, Lorenzo Santolino and Rui Goncalves, opened the track today. It was a relative privilege since they also navigated for the rest of the field.

Lorenzo Santolino started at a good pace this morning. He caught up with Rui and our 2 riders road wheel to wheel for a good part of the stage. Santo did a lot of the navigation today. He finished 20th despite a great special, but it’s a challenge when you open the course for the others: one day you are ahead, one day you are behind. On the other hand, it provides him with an ideal starting place for the stage tomorrow on a special that promises to be even more complex in terms of navigation. He remains 5th overall.

Rui Goncalves has definitely passed a milestone. Starting 3rd this morning, with the apprehension of being in the front, he rode with confidence and opened the track for a while. He still has a lot to learn but the last couple of stages have revealed his real potential as a rally-man. He finished 27th in today’s stage.

Harith Noah maintained a strong pace today with a top 30 finish, he finished 28th, a few seconds behind Rui. He is 29th overall and is continuing to show good form in this 2022 Dakar.

Our riders were all smiles tonight when they arrived at the bivouac. Riding in front in the Dakar, opening the track, that is priceless. The new Sherco 450 SEF Rally also continues to prove itself as the miles accumulate. The riders are in unanimous agreement that the bike is a pleasure to ride, and the handling is outstanding. That is very encouraging to the engineers and the technicians of the competition and R&D department who have worked on developing this machine for the past 2 years and are now able to see the fruit of their work.

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