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Published the 22 January 2019

The first race of the year for the Sherco Extreme Team was this past weekend! Wade Young and Mario Roman raced in the latest edition of the famous Alestrem race which was held in Ales France.

On Saturday morning 500 riders showed up for the Mitas Prologue! Only the top 100 would qualify for the spectacular Minerva Prologue that was held that evening in the city center. This was an appetizer that was appreciated by our riders since Wade and Mario finished this first stage in 1st and 2nd place.

After the long qualifying session, Wade and Mario race in the final of the Minerva Prologue. Wade finishes 2nd and Mario 4th. Based on their finishing positions they were assured good starting position for the final, they will start in the first wave during the main race that would take place on Sunday

In the main race, Wade gets the best start but fades a little bit as the day wears on. The difficulties are accentuated, and the competitors are pushed to the limit. This is where Mario Roman excels and he finishes in 2nd place, ahead of Wade Young, who completes the podium.

The season is launched, we will soon take our Spanish rider and our South African rider to Italy to race the Hell’s Gate on February 15th and 16th!

Jordan Curvalle, Team Manager: “It’s a very good start, since we have the number 1 plate on one of our bikes, we want to keep it, our riders have fought well, and we will remember that for the past 3 years our riders have been on the podium in this race. We will now prepare for Hell’s Gate! “