What a day! 3rd and 4th, the Sherco team made a strong showing on the longest stage of the Dakar

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Publicado el 5 enero 2022

What a day! 3rd and 4th, the Sherco team made a strong showing on the longest stage of the Dakar


The plan worked! Having a good starting position this morning that allowed Rui Goncalves and Lorenzo Santolino to attack they made a strong showing and have proved that they can be counted on for this 2022 Dakar. P3 and P4 this evening at the finish, the 2 riders each played their own game, especially Rui. He has been learning race management and how to lead from Lorenzo, a good general classification finish is still in his sights.

Lorenzo Santolino moved up a place in the general standings this evening. Author of a very good special, he showed today that he is capable of racing hard in the front while remaining vigilant and focused on his main objective: the general classification. The outstanding handling and excellent power on tap allowed him to return to the bivouac on a motorcycle that was in perfect condition, something that is a tribute to the machine, the rider, and the mechanics after a 465 km special!

Rui Goncalves was on the podium today; this was the best performance of the team so far in this 2022 Dakar. With his fast riding and constant attacks starting this morning, he stayed on the wheels of the best riders and rode with the top 5 until the end where he was able to clinch third place for the day. A lot of water has flowed under the bridges since the 2021 Dakar and his status as a rookie, bravo Rui!

Harith Noah was the victim of another fall today. Despite everything he finished 31st at the end of the special, he will now focus on more cautious riding to spare himself and his machine.

From the start of the race the goal was for Lorenzo Santolino to achieve a good standing in the general classification. He is showing his dedication and potential as he is now in 5th place in the general classification. This result is an indication of the commitment by the French factory in the world of Rally-Raid and in the Dakar in particular. Our eyes are now on our riders, but there is still a long way to go before we return to Jeddah, fingers crossed!

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