All three of our riders arrived at the finish, here are the highlights of this 2022 Dakar!

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Published the 14 January 2022


All three of our riders arrived at the finish, here are the highlights of this 2022 Dakar!


We want to honor our riders who gave everything they had until the very end. There were smiles and fatigue at the finish, but the feeling of having completed a great Dakar and of having taken the brand new 450 SEF Rally to the finish was outstanding.

After two weeks of racing and more than 8,000 kilometers covered, our 3 riders have reached Jeddah and the finish line of this 2022 Dakar. At the end of a final special where they once again had great performances (LS P9, RG P11, HN P23), Lorenzo Santolino finished in 11th place overall, close to a top 10 in which he remained for almost the entire race. Rui Goncalves finished 24th. Unluckily, our Portuguese rider encountered several minor technical problems, which caused him to lose a lot of time. This was disappointing when you see the excellent times, he was able to produce throughout this Dakar. Despite a solid race and following a technical incident Harith Noah ends up out of the standings, in the experience category.

This 2022 Dakar was punctuated by many strong moments. Rui Goncalves climbed on the podium of stage 4, while Lorenzo Santolino remained in the top 5 in the general classification until the start of the 2nd week. Embarking on the incessant yoyo of the specials, he ended up downgrading, but he left his mark on this edition alongside the big names in the discipline. It is obvious that he is a potential major contender. Harith Noah pushed and learned every step of the way. He paid attention to instructions and became consistent. He was approaching the top 20, until his retirement on stage 10. This was a major test run for the new 450 SEF Rally, which will have made its debut in the sands of the Sahara. The valuable feedback from the riders allowed the whole team to work hard during these 15 days to continue development and bring all the machines to the finish.

We will have the opportunity to meet the Sherco Factory Rally team throughout this season with Lorenzo Santolino still riding the 450 SEF Rally in the other events of the new FIM World Rally Championship.

The best images of this Dakar 2022 are already available download by clicking on the link below:
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