Emma Bristow wins her 8th World Trials Title

This weekend in Italy Emma Bristow took her 40th Trial Grand Prix win and her 8th World Championship title.

Our British rider has dominated the TrialGP season, letting only 2 days of the whole championship slip away.

All her victories are the results of a great collaboration between the rider and her team.

Congratulations to all!

5th French Championship Title for Alex Ferrer

For 2018, Auvergne and more precisely the city of Vertolaye was chosen as the location of the last round of the Champion of France competition. The organization was entrusted to the Livradois Moto Club which organized a very high level event and welcomed a large audience in the beech woods of the region.

The tension was extremely high and Alexandre Ferrer, who was probably a little stressed had to settle for second place after the first lap, the second lap allowed him to return to the lead by passing both of his challengers, Téo Colairo and Benoit Bincaz who was challenging him for the title. Alex did loose a point on the third lap but he had earned enough points to win the title for the fifth time. He has now won the title the same number of times as Loris Gubian.

But Alexandre Ferrer is far from being the only member of the Sherco Academy to have excellent results this season, starting with Richard Berthou who earned a 4th victory for this season and won the title of Champion of France in the “Veterans” class. Some other very good performances for the Sherco house include Laurie Ehrhart who won the title of Champion of France in the new Women’s class. We must also mention Caroline Moréon who placed on the final podium of the Championship of France just in front of Lenna Volpe her comrade from the Sherco Academy ..

The only disappointment on this season, was for Mathieu Feidt, who was leading the championship before the final round, he had to settle for second place in the final standings by just a foot!

The whole team was able to party under the Sherco Academy tent and is already preparing for next season.