Adam Raga joins the Sherco Racing Factory family

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Published the 8 1月 2024

Adam Raga and Marc Teissier interview

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Adam Raga to the Sherco Racing Factory Trial team for the 2024 season.




Adam, your arrival at Sherco is a surprise for some, a logical progression for others. What can you tell us about the behind the scenes of this project?

I have known Marc Teissier for a long time. Sherco is an important player in the trials and sector enduro, and I wanted to work with the brand. For me it is a very interesting project to find areas of development to improve and develop motorcycles.


What were your motivations for joining Sherco?

I saw that Marc placed a lot of trust in me and that he recognized my skills, that is important for me. He knows I can do a good job on the bike and have good results. Sherco is a company where you feel the passion and motivation, motivation to develop efficient motorcycles. But they also want to win against much larger companies and I like that. They do things with the heart, with a lot of motivation, it corresponds to what I believe and feel. The bike is brand new, it’s the one that was launched last year, and we will continue to improve it. The goal is to make the best trials bike in the world.


What is your program, what are your goals?

I started riding the bike and I have very good feelings about it. The base is very well designed.

I am going to participate in the world indoor trials championship, the Xtrial and the world championship of TrialGP. I will also continue to train and get used to the bike to be at the top and obtain the best possible results.




Marc, are you happy to welcome Adam Raga to the blue brand?

Yes, having a trials legend join us is wonderful!


What made you decide to get in touch with Adam?

It was Adam who contacted me saying that he was stopping his collaboration with TRS, we have known each other for a very long time. I asked him to come see me, to visit SHERCO and that we would talk. He told me he still wanted to ride, and he liked the bike.

He saw the parts up close, the engine for example which is 1.7kg lighter than the lightest one that existed before our introduction. I told him that we still had work to fine-tune the bike for the GP trials category.

For the rest, the bike has proven itself by winning several championships:


– Trial 2 World Champion

– Women’s world champion

– Women’s world vice-champion

– USA Champion

– Champion of France

– Champion of England

– European and English women’s champion

– British Champion 125 cc

– Junior Spanish Champion

– Spanish Champion TR5

It’s an exceptional year in terms of results.


What are your expectations? What are your shared ambitions for Sherco?


Our agreement is that Adam will develop the bike for the world championship.

I have great confidence in Adam to do the job, he is passionate, and very hardworking, he has a very extensive experience in development, and subsequently he will take care of trials at Sherco as a rider, coach and manager.