Nehmen Sie mit Unterstützung des Sherco-Teams an den ISDE 2024

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Published the 15 Mai 2024

Nehmen Sie mit Unterstützung des Sherco-Teams an den ISDE 2024

Once again, Sherco is strengthening its commitment to the international enduro race which is one of the most important events of the year. We are offering to all enduro riders two possibilities to be able to participate in the 2024 ISDE in Spain:

  • The rental of a motorcycle from the SHERCO range
  • Full Factory Assistance and Support



The motorcycles for rent will be Factory models and can be 2 or 4 stroke.

The rental price for the 2 stroke will be €3,200.
The rental price of the 4 stroke will be €3,600.


Included in the rental:

  • Transport costs of motorcycles to the ISDE event
  • Motorcycle registration and insurance


Deadline for motorcycle reservations: September 15, 2024.


The number of motorcycles for rent is limited and they will be allocated in order of arrival of the reservations.

Register by sending an email to

Factory Assistance and Support:

  • Access to Sherco equipment in the Paddock and checkpoints.
  • Technical and mechanical assistance on race days
  • Race information
  • Storage box for personal effects in the paddock.
  • Fuel for the race
  • Motul oils and all types of lubricants
  • Sherco original spare parts replacement service*
  • Use of tools for motorcycle repair
  • Catered food (drinks, snacks, fruit, etc.) in the paddock and at checkpoints
  • Filters to be changed every day
  • Technical assistance with the FIM rules and regulations


*Important Note: Consumed spare parts are not included in the price of the support service. The price of the spare parts will be that of the list price with a 50% discount.

Price of assistance: €1,700.Deadline for accessing assistance: September 15, 2024.

Register by sending an email to