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Published the 19 Januar 2024

Dakar 2024 : Victory in Rally 2 for Harith Noah!

Dakar 2024 – Stage 12: Victory in Rally 2 for Harith Noah!


The final stage of the Dakar has taken place, it was a relatively short day for the riders. The race concluded at the edge of the Red Sea, where the finish of the special was located.

This last special did not offer any major difficulty, but it can still prove to be decisive. A timer was triggered over 174 kilometers around Yanbu whatever happens, represents a threat to the one in the lead.


Harith Noah gained momentum during these 2 weeks, committing very few errors. He took care of his 450 SEF Rally and limited risk-taking. He was often close to the top 10, he rode with consistency and followed the team’s strategy, he managed to earn the overall victory in Rally 2 and finished 11th in the general classification.


Harith Noah:

“I’m here and very happy to have finished. It’s great to have won the Rally 2 category but I wasn’t sure until the end. I had no expectations when I arrived, I wanted to just ride my bike without really looking at the results. I started to be very surprised by my position during stage 10, when I did the 5th best time of the special. I don’t really know what happened during that week, I felt good and the bike ran perfectly. I hope that my victory will convince many young people to join the rally. I didn’t imagine when I was a child that I would come to the Dakar, that I would first finish 20th, and now 11th.”


Ranking stage 12
Harith Noah: P11

General classification
Harith Noah: P11

Rally 2 standings
Harith Noah P1


A special thought goes out to Rui Gonçalves, who was injured two days ago following a heavy fall, as well as for Lorenzo Santolino who was a victim of a racing incident during stage 2.



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